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Title: Hath: The Aquatic Aliens of Doctor Who


Doctor Who, the iconic British science fiction series, never ceases to amaze its viewers with a diverse cast of extraterrestrial beings. Among the countless alien species encountered by the Doctor across time and space, the Hath stands out as a unique and intriguing race. This article delves into the fascinating world of the Hath, exploring their origins, characteristics, and memorable appearances in Doctor Who. Additionally, we address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about these aquatic aliens.

The Origins of the Hath:

The Hath made their first appearance in the Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Daughter” (2008). They are a humanoid race with fish-like characteristics, inhabiting the planet Messaline alongside humans. Created by the Doctor’s nemesis, Davros, they were designed for warfare. However, their peaceful nature and compassion for life have led them to seek a different path.

Distinctive Characteristics:

1. Physical Appearance: The Hath possess a fish-like face with gills and scales, making them adapted to aquatic environments. Their bodies are bipedal, and they have webbed hands and feet to aid in swimming.

2. Communication: The Hath communicate through a series of clicks, whistles, and bubbling sounds. While they do not speak English, they have a telepathic ability to interface with human technology and communicate with humans.

3. Environmental Adaptations: The Hath require water to survive and can withstand extreme pressures found in deep-sea environments. They wear special breathing apparatuses when on land.

4. Lifespan: The lifespan of a Hath is considerably shorter than that of a human, only lasting approximately seven years.

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Notable Appearances:

The Hath have made several appearances throughout Doctor Who, leaving a lasting impression on both the Doctor and the audience. Some of their most notable episodes include:

1. “The Doctor’s Daughter” (2008): The Doctor encounters the Hath and discovers a progenation machine, leading to the creation of his “daughter” Jenny.

2. “The Sontaran Stratagem” (2008): The Hath join forces with the Doctor to battle the Sontarans, revealing their bravery and loyalty.

3. “The Poison Sky” (2008): The Hath assist the Doctor in defending Earth from the Sontarans’ plan to choke the planet with poison gas.

4. “The Waters of Mars” (2009): The Hath appear as an image in Adelaide Brooke’s memories, emphasizing their impact on the Doctor’s journey.


1. Are the Hath entirely CGI creations?
No, the Hath are a combination of practical effects and CGI. Actors wear prosthetic makeup to achieve the Hath’s distinct appearance.

2. Can the Hath breathe on land?
The Hath can breathe on land for a limited time, but they require a breathing apparatus to survive prolonged periods away from water.

3. Are there any Hath-human hybrids?
The episode “The Doctor’s Daughter” introduces the concept of a Hath-human hybrid through the creation of Jenny, who possesses both Hath and Time Lord genetic material.

4. Do the Hath have a homeworld?
Yes, the Hath originate from the planet Messaline, located in the galaxy Messaline.

5. Can the Hath regenerate like Time Lords?
No, the Hath do not possess the ability to regenerate. Once their short lifespan ends, they die.

6. How do the Hath reproduce?
The Hath reproduce asexually. They use a progenation machine that creates fully formed adult Hath, similar to cloning.

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7. Are the Hath a peaceful or aggressive species?
Although initially designed for warfare, the Hath are inherently peaceful and compassionate, seeking harmony and coexistence.

8. Do the Hath have any unique abilities?
Apart from their aquatic adaptations, the Hath have a telepathic ability to interface with human technology.

9. Are there any Hath survivors after their initial appearance?
It is unclear if any Hath survived beyond their initial appearances. However, their impact on the Doctor’s journey remains significant.

10. Will the Hath return in future Doctor Who episodes?
As with any Doctor Who creature, the possibility of the Hath returning in future episodes is always open, although no specific plans have been announced.

11. Do the Hath have any alliances with other alien species?
The Hath have allied themselves with humans on several occasions, most notably to combat the Sontarans.


The Hath, with their aquatic appearances and unique communication methods, have become an intriguing addition to the vast universe of Doctor Who. Despite their initial intentions as warriors, they embody peace and compassion. Their short but memorable appearances have left an indelible mark on the Doctor’s journey, showcasing the series’ commitment to imaginative storytelling. The Hath’s legacy will forever be remembered by fans as a testament to the diversity and creativity of the Doctor Who universe.