Long Island Doctor Who


Long Island Doctor Who: Exploring the Time Lord’s Influence on the Island

Long Island, located just outside of New York City, is known for its beautiful beaches, affluent neighborhoods, and vibrant culture. However, what many people might not be aware of is the significant influence that Doctor Who, the beloved British science fiction TV series, has had on the island. From dedicated fan clubs to conventions and even a Doctor Who-themed restaurant, Long Island has embraced the iconic Time Lord and his adventures in time and space. In this article, we will delve into the world of Long Island Doctor Who and explore the impact it has had on the island’s residents and visitors.

Doctor Who, which first aired in 1963, follows the adventures of the Doctor, a time-traveling alien from the planet Gallifrey who explores the universe in a time machine called the TARDIS. The show has gained a massive following worldwide, with fans known as Whovians. Long Island boasts a large and passionate Whovian community, with numerous fan clubs and events dedicated to the series.

One of the most significant contributions to Doctor Who fandom on Long Island is the Long Island Doctor Who (LIDW) fan club. Established in 1987, LIDW provides a platform for fans to connect, share their love for the show, and organize various Doctor Who-related activities. The club hosts regular meetings where fans can discuss episodes, share theories, and participate in trivia contests.

Additionally, Long Island is home to several Doctor Who conventions, including the Long Island Doctor Who Convention (LI Who). LI Who attracts Whovians from all over the country, offering them a chance to meet fellow fans, interact with actors from the show, and attend panel discussions and workshops. The convention has become a highlight of the year for Doctor Who enthusiasts on the island.

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For those looking to immerse themselves in the Doctor Who experience, the Pandorica Restaurant in Beacon, New York, is a must-visit. Inspired by the show, this restaurant is adorned with Doctor Who memorabilia and features a menu with dishes named after characters and episodes from the series. From fish fingers and custard to TARDIS blue cocktails, fans can enjoy a unique dining experience that transports them straight into the Doctor’s world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When did Doctor Who first air?
Doctor Who first aired on November 23, 1963.

2. How many actors have portrayed the Doctor?
As of now, there have been 13 actors who have officially portrayed the Doctor, each bringing their own unique interpretation to the character.

3. What is the TARDIS?
The TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is the Doctor’s time machine, which appears as a blue British police box.

4. Has Doctor Who ever filmed on Long Island?
While Doctor Who has filmed in various locations around the world, there have been no official filming locations on Long Island.

5. How can I join the Long Island Doctor Who fan club?
To join the Long Island Doctor Who fan club, you can visit their website and fill out a membership form.

6. When is the Long Island Doctor Who Convention held?
The Long Island Doctor Who Convention, LI Who, is typically held in the fall. Dates and details can be found on their official website.

7. Can I meet actors from the show at LI Who?
Yes, LI Who often features guest appearances by actors from Doctor Who. Check the convention’s schedule for information on which actors will be attending.

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8. Is the Pandorica Restaurant family-friendly?
Yes, the Pandorica Restaurant is family-friendly and offers a unique dining experience for Doctor Who fans of all ages.

9. Are there any other Doctor Who-themed establishments on Long Island?
While the Pandorica Restaurant is the most notable Doctor Who-themed establishment, there may be other businesses or events that occasionally incorporate Doctor Who themes.

10. Is Doctor Who popular on Long Island?
Yes, Doctor Who has a dedicated and passionate fan base on Long Island, with numerous fan clubs and events centered around the show.

11. Are there any Doctor Who screenings or watch parties on Long Island?
Yes, various fan clubs and organizations often organize Doctor Who screenings and watch parties. Check with local fan groups or online communities for upcoming events.

Long Island has truly embraced the world of Doctor Who, with its vibrant fan community, conventions, and even a themed restaurant. Whether you’re a lifelong Whovian or just discovering the show, exploring Long Island’s Doctor Who scene is an exciting journey into the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey world of the Time Lord.