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Title: Rigsby: Doctor Who’s Eccentric Landlord


Doctor Who, a beloved British sci-fi series, has introduced us to a plethora of fascinating characters throughout its long history. Among these, Rigsby, the eccentric landlord, stands out as an unforgettable personality. Appearing in the classic Doctor Who episode “The Lodger” (2010) and portrayed by actor James Corden, Rigsby brings a unique blend of humor, innocence, and quirkiness to the series. In this article, we will explore Rigsby’s character, his role in Doctor Who, and address some frequently asked questions about this memorable character.

Rigsby’s Character and Role:

Rigsby, a common name shared with Leonard Rossiter’s character from the British sitcom “Rising Damp,” is a seemingly ordinary man who finds himself intertwined with the Doctor’s adventures. In “The Lodger,” the Doctor (portrayed by Matt Smith) temporarily sets up residence in Rigsby’s flat while investigating a strange energy disturbance. Rigsby’s quirky nature and idiosyncrasies soon become apparent as the Doctor assumes the role of Rigsby’s flatmate.

With his bumbling and endearing personality, Rigsby provides a delightful comedic touch to the episode. He is portrayed as a good-hearted, somewhat naive individual who unwittingly stumbles into extraordinary situations. Despite his lack of awareness, Rigsby’s enthusiasm and willingness to help the Doctor make him an indispensable ally.

11 FAQs about Rigsby:

1. Who is Rigsby in Doctor Who?

Rigsby is a character introduced in the Doctor Who episode “The Lodger” (2010), played by James Corden. He is the landlord of a flat where the Doctor temporarily resides.

2. What is Rigsby’s personality like?

Rigsby is eccentric, innocent, and often comical. He has a tendency to overreact and exhibit childlike curiosity, endearing himself to both the Doctor and viewers.

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3. Does Rigsby have any significant impact on the Doctor Who storyline?

While Rigsby’s character is not central to the overarching Doctor Who storyline, his interactions with the Doctor and involvement in the episode’s plot contribute to the overall charm and humor of the series.

4. How does Rigsby react to the Doctor’s presence?

Initially, Rigsby is suspicious and perplexed by the Doctor’s peculiar behavior. However, he gradually warms up to the Doctor and becomes fascinated by his otherworldly abilities.

5. Is Rigsby aware of the Doctor’s true identity?

No, Rigsby does not possess any knowledge about the Doctor’s true identity as a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.

6. How does Rigsby contribute to the episode’s plot?

Rigsby’s accidental involvement in the Doctor’s investigation helps further the plot by providing comic relief and opportunities for the Doctor to showcase his problem-solving skills.

7. Does Rigsby make any appearances in subsequent Doctor Who episodes?

No, Rigsby’s character is limited to the single episode “The Lodger.”

8. How does Rigsby’s character evolve throughout the episode?

Rigsby’s character remains consistent throughout the episode, maintaining his lovable quirks and comic timing. However, his initial skepticism gradually transforms into awe and admiration for the Doctor.

9. What is the significance of Rigsby’s character in relation to other Doctor Who companions?

Rigsby can be considered a temporary and unconventional companion, adding a unique dynamic to the Doctor’s adventures. His brief association with the Doctor highlights the series’ ability to incorporate unexpected characters.

10. Why did James Corden portray Rigsby in Doctor Who?

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James Corden was chosen for the role due to his natural comedic talent and ability to bring the character to life with his distinctive charm.

11. What is the audience’s general reception to Rigsby’s character?

Rigsby’s character has been well-received by viewers, primarily due to his comedic timing, innocence, and the chemistry he shares with the Doctor.


Rigsby’s endearing portrayal in Doctor Who’s “The Lodger” adds a touch of humor and charm to the series. As the eccentric landlord who stumbles upon the Doctor’s extraordinary world, Rigsby’s innocence and quirkiness make him a memorable character. While his appearance may have been brief, his impact on the episode and the hearts of viewers is undeniable. Rigsby’s role showcases Doctor Who’s ability to introduce delightful, unexpected characters that further enhance the magic of the series.