What Doctor Removes Gallbladder


What Doctor Removes Gallbladder?

The gallbladder is a small organ located beneath the liver, responsible for storing bile produced by the liver. When the gallbladder becomes inflamed or develops gallstones, it can cause severe pain and other complications. In such cases, a doctor specializing in general surgery called a general surgeon performs a procedure known as a cholecystectomy to remove the gallbladder.

A cholecystectomy may be performed as an open surgery or a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. In an open surgery, the surgeon makes a larger incision in the abdomen to remove the gallbladder. On the other hand, a laparoscopic surgery involves making several small incisions and using a tiny camera and surgical instruments to remove the gallbladder.

General surgeons, who have completed medical school and specialized training in general surgery, are qualified to perform gallbladder removal surgeries. They possess the necessary skills and expertise to safely and effectively conduct these procedures.


1. Why would I need my gallbladder removed?
Gallbladder removal is necessary when it becomes inflamed, infected, or develops gallstones that cause pain and complications.

2. What symptoms indicate gallbladder problems?
Symptoms of gallbladder problems include severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, and jaundice.

3. How is gallbladder removal surgery performed?
Gallbladder removal surgery can be done through open surgery or laparoscopically. The method depends on the individual case and the surgeon’s preference.

4. Is gallbladder removal a major surgery?
While it is considered a major surgery, advancements in laparoscopic techniques have made gallbladder removal less invasive and with a shorter recovery time.

5. Will I need to change my diet after gallbladder removal?
After gallbladder removal, some individuals may experience difficulties digesting certain high-fat foods. It is often recommended to adopt a low-fat diet to minimize discomfort.

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6. How long does it take to recover from gallbladder removal surgery?
Recovery times vary, but most individuals can resume normal activities within a week or two after laparoscopic surgery.

7. Are there any risks or complications associated with gallbladder removal surgery?
As with any surgery, there are risks involved, such as bleeding, infection, and injury to surrounding organs. However, these complications are rare.

8. Can I live a normal life without a gallbladder?
Yes, living without a gallbladder typically does not affect one’s ability to lead a normal and healthy life.

9. Can gallstones return after gallbladder removal?
Once the gallbladder is removed, gallstones cannot reoccur. However, new stones may form in the bile ducts in rare cases.

10. Is gallbladder removal surgery performed under general anesthesia?
Yes, gallbladder removal surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia to ensure the patient is unconscious and pain-free during the procedure.

11. How long is the hospital stay after gallbladder removal surgery?
Most patients can expect to stay in the hospital for a day or two after laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery may require a longer hospital stay.

In conclusion, a general surgeon is the medical professional who removes the gallbladder when it becomes inflamed, infected, or develops gallstones. Gallbladder removal surgery, known as a cholecystectomy, can be performed through open surgery or laparoscopically. Recovery times vary, but most individuals can resume normal activities within a week or two after surgery. While there are risks involved, gallbladder removal is a common and safe procedure that allows individuals to lead a normal life without the organ.

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